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Portland Starts Here.

Pedicab Tours in Old Town Chinatown are Portland's new eco-tourism option. 

Climb aboard for high adventure and zero emissions.  The orange PDX Pedicabs pick up passengers at the Classical Chinese Garden or the Saturday Market.

On this special audio tour of Old Town, you'll hear about the people who were here from the beginning--and made Portland their home.

Beginning at the Japanese-American Historical Plaza in Waterfront Park, this 45-minute tour winds through Historic Old Town, Japantown and New Chinatown. 

Offered Sundays or call 503-PEDICAB to arrange a personal tour. 

Tours are $15 per person, 12 and under free with adult purchase.    

<< Production CREW >>
Richard WALDEN
Voice of Old Town

Richard is a Portland resident, activist and member of the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association Board. 

Richard is a former radio host--his public radio show was heard in Fresno, California.

Voice of the New York Times

Kaebel voices the comments of The New York Times.  He is the owner and curator of Sequential Art Gallery in Old Town, and a board member of the Old Town Chinatown Neighborhood Association.  

Voice of Scribner's Magazine

Jim was an easy conscript into the project to create an aural history for the Old Town Chinatown pedicab tours.  He was once a radio announcer, and the love of the microphone has stayed in his blood.  Some in Portland might remember his popular show "Sterojazz", which aired from the mid-1960s until about 1970.  He spent 32 years as a corporate gypsy, but has finally retired to the Oregon Coast with his wife, Suzi.

Audio Engineer

Zak mixed and mastered the tour audio.  Way into the night, and on occasion, into the wee hours.  We are soooo grateful for his commitment to perfection!

Vison vs. Noise

Mary-Suzanne LAMKINS
Voice of West Shore Magazine

After wasting most of her youth as a sleeplessly devoted geek at one high-tech startup after another, Mary-Suzanne retired to the exciting and lucrative life of the unemployed musician--and learned to knit. Her friends and family have run out of polite things to say about their growing wardrobe of handmade socks, hats, and various "cozies." She is also a student, programmer, and personal slave to several cats. 


David picked up his first guitar a long time ago.  As best he can recall the year was 1967: the year of the Summer of Love. Four decades later David has conjured up an amalgam of folk, rock and jazz solo guitar music for the occasional intimate Portland audience.

David Lamkins


Voice of C. E.S. Wood, Harvey Scott

Matthew is a civil engineer by day, and a Scrabble addict by night. 

As a native Oregonian, he's glad to see sustainable tourism coming to Old Town.  He hopes to one day sound just like his dad, Jim.

Nancy STOVALL    

Nancy & Zak at the sound board

Nancy arrived in Portland after a 6,600-mile bicycle trip; she now rides all over Portland from her home in Old Town Chinatown.  Her interest in Old Town has been magically combined with new media and sustainability to produce an audio tour of Old Town Chinatown--by pedicab!

Voice of Wen Zhengmin

Lin is a Suzhou native and held various positions with Suzhou TV in China before coming to Portland. Lin and her husband Peter are major donors to the Chinese Garden including the "Butterfly" leak window.

Orchid & Bamboo QUARTET
Chinese Music

Dr. Jiyu Yang, Louis Lim, Wenqeu Guo and Henry Hong perform traditional and modern Chinese music, including compositions from the imperial courts, Cantonese and Peking opera music, and folk songs.

The Quartet regularly performs at the Portland Classical Chinese Garden.




Many thanks to our supporters, including:
Alliance of Portland Neighborhood Business Associations, whose award of a Vitality Grant provided funding for this project.  

Portland Old Town Arts & Cultural Foundation, for fiscal oversight.

Rumblefish for donating studio time to this project.

Pdx Pedicabs for their enthusiasm and energy for this unique collaborative enterprise.